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Central Ingest Lets You Outsource Your Commercial Ingest Operations and Focus On Your Real Business – Digital Broadcast

Central Ingest is an out-sourced Tape-Operations system designed for national networks and large station groups.
Central Ingest aggregates all of your spots - including long form paid programming - from all your sources including tape, DG/Fast Channel and Vyvx and ingests that content through dedicated broadcast servers configured specifically to your on-air broadcast specs.
Central Ingest delivers ready-for-air files to your facility instantly and securely via Internet pathways that are custom designed to meet your IT requirements.
Central Ingest securely moves each spot to your play-to-air servers, complete with all necessary metadata and automation interfaces through its’ SpotManager software suite.
Central Ingest eliminates the redundancy of ingesting the same commercial at multiple stations or play-out locations across your station group or network.
Central Ingest manages all necessary security issues, along with all traffic, continuity, standards and QC approval processes within your specifications.
Central Ingest eliminates all of the costs associated with typical tape room operations including machine purchases and maintenance, depreciation, tape storage, real estate and, of course, manpower.
Central Ingest allows you to redistribute assets across your facilities.
Central Ingest is fully HD ready and simplifies the entire HD process for your advertisers.
Central Ingest saves your advertisers money by streamlining the tape delivery process.
Central Ingest also saves you money!
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After all, sending commercials to Radio & Television stations is all we do.... Everyday!
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